Racialized Pleasures Post

In my blog post I wanted to make sure that it connected to my final project so I could continue furthering my progress and analysis. So I used both inspiration from the readings and clips and audio and news about the shows from “The Bachelor” franchise.

To relate the readings and my final project I examined the shows diversity deficit in terms of race, particularly lack of Asian representation, and sexuality, particularly lack of any LGBTQ representation. “The Bachelor” franchise shows have an incredibly skewed pool of representation that is not an accurate representation of our society. Over 17 million people in the United States identify as Asian or Asian American and the Bachelor does not represent the realities of our population. My blog post started off using a news article’s title that addresses this deficiency and then moves to focusing on the lack of Asians on the show with the title boasting “The Bachelorette” will feature an Asian contestant for the first time in just about forever.” I overlaid a quote from the Fung chapter that discusses how racism is not just about hatred towards someone’s skin color but also the oppression of their sexuality, gender and more. The right to express themselves as other white people do is stripped of them. They are placed in non sexual or overtly sexual categories and told to mold into one of the boxes. My blog then furthers this idea and focuses on Jaimi the first openly bisexual contestant on the show who is also African American. I used a quote from the Queer media keywords reading overlaid on the image of Jaimi that discusses how the media can create a platform for queer people to take advantage of and further their fight to be included in the norms of the world. I then used the clips to show how she brought a queer character to the show and was so proud of her past and happy to discuss it. She wasn’t afraid to shy away from her sexuality and talked openly and honestly and broke the dominant discourse of heterosexuality that is perpetuated on the show.

 To create my blog post I first overlaid the text quotes I wanted onto still images using Preview. I uploaded them into my video. I overlaid a included music track from the sound effect section over the still images. I then downloaded the clips I wanted from video grabby and then used preview to trim them down to just the parts I wanted. I uploaded them into iMovie and added some transitions.