The Fung reading was about how the media promotes a desexualized image of Asian men and essentially leaves a gap in depictions of gay Asian men. Any depictions of gay Asian men, particularly in gay pornography, are, according to Fung, demeaning and  racist. In this video, I compiled videos having to do with ideas by the media and public about the sexuality of Asian men, along with a speech at the end about how the intersectionality of being gay and Asian brings upon its own struggles in society. I connected this with a quote from a scholarly article, “Supplementing normalcy and otherness: Queer Asian American men reflect on stereotypes, identity, and oppression,” by Kevin K. Kumashiro.


What are some of the differences between how Asian women and Asian men are stereotypically viewed sexually by the media? Why do you think that is?

On page 182, Fung says, “The contemporary construction of race and sex exemplified by Ruston  has endowed black people, both men and women, with a threatening hyper sexuality. Asian (men), on the other hand, are collectively seen as undersexed.” 

What types of implications would this notion have on depictions of Asian men in the media (such as scripted television or movies)?

Why would analyzing pornography give insight into how Asian gay men are viewed by the media?