Radicalized Fashions


This week, I really wanted to focus on the imovie itself and try some new things. I decided to split up my quote through out pictures and videos as well as split up a video into three different sections. In addition, I had audio from the Tedtalk about intersectionality by Kimberly Crenshaw that we watched earlier in the semester. I found it much harder to make it longer when using mostly pictures, splitting up a video and putting the quote throughout these pieces of media. In the past, it has been easy to make it longer because I have chosen to use a longer video or two and a picture to allow the video itself to tell the story. This time, I wanted to use multiple pieces of media to form my point. Even though this seems like it would be easier to create content, it was actually more difficult because they were small bits and pieces of different media. My quote is displayed throughout many pieces to show examples of how the ideas that is discussed in the globalization key words is played out in real world situations. I specifically focused on the exclusion of police violence towards women in the media that Kimberly Crenshaw discusses in her tedtalk. This is a prime example of how it is a societal creation of what is being spread throughout the world through different types of media in the process of globalization. Globalization is formed by the issues, cultures, norms etc that we are learning and sharing across the world; however, not everything is being communicated through this process. Police violence against black women is just one example of this. This process of globalization is also contributing to the othering discussed by Valdivia. By leaving out this issue in the media, we are excluding black women from the “important” societal issues that spread throughout the world. This process of othering occurs each day and often with minority groups which all reinforce the mainstream of what is “normal” and what people around the world hear about to form their representations of groups. Another example of this othering is the touching of black women’s hair. By invading this private space for only the hair of black women, it is also reinforcing the mainstream by showing that their hair is something to be in awe about because it is not the norm. This is a more subtle form of othering and more at the subconscious level; however, it still contributes to this process of reinforcing the mainstream either by putting them in the background or pointing out their differences. Overall, my video shows an example of othering and how, as a society, we pick and choose what is being represented in the media to form a globalized society.

I got each of my pictures from google, the audio from ted.com and the video off of youtube. I split the video within imovie and placed in between pictures. I chose the order of pictures based on which part of the quote that they were associated with. I put the quote ontop of these pictures in Imovie so that they would appear at certain times rather than just being ontop of the picture as soon as it popped up.