For this week’s post, I wanted to touch on the idea that many people for some reason feel the need to touch black women’s hair, even if the woman is a stranger. This commodity comes from the fact that people are so fascinated with it that it needs to be touched. Momo Pixel discusses this trend in her interview based on the game about black women’s hair being touched by strangers. I thought it would be interesting to compare Pixel’s quote with a video made by Buzzfeed that highlights the differences between black and white hair. It seems as there is a large amount of information that white women do not know/understand about black hair. This is part of where their obsession with touching it comes to.

I decided to put it to a song by Solange called “Don’t Touch My Hair.” This song perfectly portrays the message that Pixel has tried to get across. In addition, in her interview, Pixel cited Solange as being on the inspirations for a type of hairstyle a player can choose to have in her game.