To create this post I used Kacey Musgrave’s song “Follow Your Arrow” along with clips from two different news stories covering the Black Lives Matter, and DACA protests.  I was inspired by the readings this week about the Mexican and Latin American communities in the United States.  I chose this song because it enforces the idea that everyone is different and has different interests needs and wants.  When laid over these clip, I hope that it reinforces the ideas of individuality and identity.  A song about not conforming to societal norms paired with protests against political policies is powerful, and my hope is that it ties together the readings about how media coverage and consumption can construct cultural identity.


The key word consumption is important to keep in mind because whether it is a t shirt that is made from child labor or unfit factories, or social media, what you choose to consume is important.  Buying a shirt or picking which news outlet to watch is going to shape your experiences and who you are as a person.  This is because each news source can spin stories differently, for example, Fox is very conservative while CNN is very liberal and the way these two outlets portray a single story can be so different.  These portrayals create stereotypes and construct cultural identities.  These protests that I have chosen to include is a way that cultures are taking back their voice in the media and creating their own identity.  The DACA protests involving Latin Americans and Mexicans is proving that they are strong and stand up for what they believe in and the Black Lives Matter are doing the same.  The slogans, protests, interviews, and news coverage are shedding new light and giving new voices to the cultures.