Consumer Market Update

*This is an update from my last post*

I think the quote that sums up this week is, “Sometimes audiences represent a problem to be criticized, and sometimes they are a force to be celebrated.” This is found in our Keywords book for audience. While watching the NPR piece the question was raised: Are we doing good by giving these people in Bangladesh jobs or are we harming them with the conditions we are placing them in? Most of the times factories are not safe for these workers but people will take the jobs because they need the money. The jobs will also always be there because in America we are constantly consuming and with consumption you need production. For this post I paired a clip of how H&M wants to make a change in the world with their international trade. H&M paired up with factories in Bangladesh to produce their clothing and thinks by doing this they are helping the economy grow by offering jobs for people in poverty. This was something I struggled with because it does seem like a good idea to give people who need money opportunities, however, the conditions are not good and the pay is extremely low. I counteracted this claim by also including a post about how the H&M factories have deadly conditions for their workers. Though H&M claims they are doing good it has been proven they are not. The photo and quote in the beginning that I chose has to do with consumers causing this problem. As consumers, we keep the economy afloat but because we are consuming so much other people who are placed in unfortunate circumstances are forced to work in factories and slave away for low pay.