This video is a physical representation of the production of the music industry. When you arrive at a concert that is taking place in an athletic complex, everything is set up; however, you don’t see the complex process of how it went from a gym to a concert space. The question is, how are these consumptions being formed and who is making the decisions in this process? This represents the way that industries form. To the consumers, we just see the end result. Similar to the production of a t-shirt shown in the NPR planet money t-shirt project. Even though we aren’t there to watch either of these productions, as the audience (consumer of the music and the shirt), we play a large role in this production. As Hill says in the key word Audience, “audiences (have) become altered kinds of productions of meaning in addition to being the consumers.” We mold the industry and give it meaning through what we choose to purchase. Through this process, we are creating “good” taste and as Hill discusses, creating a disliking towards the individual who prefer an alternative taste through the process of othering. The music industry is one example of how both a mass audience (the physical audience who share a space) and diffused audience (those who share a time but not a space) interact and become the producers of what happens behind the scenes. For the example of the concert, the way that the space is set up is decided based on the specific audience attending. If it is a rock concert, the set up will be chosen based on assumptions that this type of audience member will want extremely loud speakers compared to an audience member attending a country concert. For every small to large aspect of an industry, decisions are being made based on the practices of the audience, therefore making these audience members producers as well as consumers.


By taking a couple additional steps this time in Imovie, I challenged myself and made the process a little more difficult, but overall, successful. First, I recorded my screen while playing the video of the concert on youtube and attached the recording into Imovie. Next, I used an online voice recorder ( to record myself speaking. I uploaded that recording and placed it through the video. I definitely wanted the end of the video to show the end result, so I trimmed some off from the beginning. I used picfront to put the quote onto the image that I got off of google and uploaded that to imovie. Lastly, I felt that the video needed something else to make it more exciting. I looked through my itunes to find a song that would go well in the background without taking away from the voice recording. I chose firework because it matched nicely with the video. I got an instrumental version from youtube and downloaded the video using y2mate. After uploading it, I split the video from the audio, got rid of the video and matched the audio so that it went throughout the video. Each of these steps were easy to do through Imovie.