Surveillance/Taste in the Media

To create this video, I wanted to show the connection between narratives such as from the book “1984” and contemporary television programs. To do this, I provided a well know image of “Big Brother is Always Watching,” with a trailer for the recent television show, “Wisdom of the Crowd.” “1984” is a well accepted novel, that many students are required to read during their education. It is often praised as a wonderful example of a future dystopian society if surveillance of the population continues. It hones in on the extremely negative effects of having constant surveillance. I then included the “Wisdom of the Crowd” trailer as a representation of the opposite of negative surveillance. The show uses the idea of public surveillance to collect information that is helpful in solving crimes. What I found interesting was that this show was actually canceled after one season. The taste of the general public errs on the side of the negative consequences of surveillance, and reject using this technology for good.