Taste Through the Years

For my blog post this week I chose to continue with the quote I used last week because the ideas of taste in producing media are quite interesting to me. My video shows the opening quote, and then goes into sections of three videos, each from a different era of music and consequently–taste. First, from the 1950’s Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock,” followed by Jungle Boogie Soul Train from the 1960’s, ending with a quick jump to the iconic 1980’s music video from Michael Jackson, “Bad.”

All elements of these three music videos can be analyzed in every aspect of content, and they are telling about the era they were recorded. From the music and song itself, to the cinematography and choreography (which would include casting and dress). There were very many different styles and preferences being put out there, but the most noticeable progression is that the video shots got faster and had much more going on in them by the time we reach the 80’s. People needed more stimulation in their entertainment, so when Michael Jackson began to unlock the secret to successful music videos, he had learn to adapt to the changing tastes.