Reality Television and Human Capital

Laurie Ouellette outlines the dynamics that reality television and human capital have in our society. Many reality TV shows focus on helping someone become a better version of themselves. Ouellette states that reality TV is important because it outlines the different hierarchies in society, there are the subjects of cultural capital and those who will never enjoy class privilege of this sort. While reading this I thought of the reality TV show on MTV, “Made,” this was one of my favorite shows when I was in middle school. Each episode is a different person being recreated into something they are not and have always dreamed of becoming and they are coached by an “expert,” in the field they are trying to head in. The nerdy girl gets turned into a prom queen, or the nerdy boy turns into a lady’s man, or a rapper. That is why I chose this image which is the logo for the reality show and paired it with this quote about how though this process to be turned into something you are not is contradictory, it is what consumes many reality shows. The sound I paired with this is some quotes from Khloe Kardashian’s show on E, “Revenge Body,” this goes along with the idea that people who are of a lower standing in society seek help from someone who has shown they are part of the cultural capital and have class privilege. In this case Khloe is giving advice to those trying to lose weight as well as top fitness experts and trainers pushing these people through workouts.