Hebdige Reading Post

“Thus, a whole range of decisions about what is and what is not possible within education have been made, however unconsciously, before the content of individual courses is even decided.”

Hebdige discusses the limitations and structure of implicit ideological assumptions of modern education. The set up of the education system has become embedded into society unconsciously. For example you respect your teacher who stands in front while you speak without even giving it a second thought. There are also often myths associated with education that have put limitations on those within the system. One in particular “boys are better in math and sciences than girls” have led to girls believing that themselves, even without actual proof. This quote reminded me of the sorting system at Hogwarts in Harry Potter. I put this quote on the different houses because I feel as one is placed in a house implicit notions are put forward onto them. However, specific limitations are also set upon them. Someone in Hufflepuff assumes they do not have the natural bravery or daring as someone in Gryffindor. I think Hebdige’s piece does a good job at addressing the limitations that ideological norms and notions put on students in the education system and I thought Hogwarts was a great example of his ideas.