Reminder: Restorative Justice PILR Symposium This Friday!

PILR is hosting a free 6 MCLE credit Symposium on Restorative Justice this Friday, October 4th, from 9:00 am to 3:45 pm. at University of Richmond’s School of Law in the Moot Court room.

The Symposium will include sessions on “What is Restorative Justice,” Race, Gender, and Restorative Justice” with Keynote Speaker Johanna Turner from the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice, “A Proposal For Restorative Justice Based Lawyer Discipline,” “Implementing Restorative Justice Principals in the Criminal Justice System,” a panel on Restorative Justice in the community, and “A Returned Citizen and What Lawyers Need to Know about Victim Offender Mediation.”

Register online. This event requires registration.

The CLE materials for the Symposium are available to the public online using our Google Drive.

Please contact PILR Symposium Editor Jackie Cipolla with any questions at