Civil War

For this topic, students will be able to identify roles of major names such as Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant (USI.9). Students will also use maps to explain critical developments in the war including major battles.  They will be able to identify where major battles and critical events took place.

Eyewitness: Civil War by: John Stanchak

-This book contains great color images, but also goes into detail about important topics in the war.

You Wouldn't want to be a Civil War Soldier by: Thomas Ratliff

-Puts students in the shoes of a civil war soldier and describes what their life would be like.  Also contains informative maps and pictures

The Everything Civil War Book: Everything You Need to Know About the War That Divided the Nation by: Donald Vaughan

-This book is more advanced and the chapters go in chronological order.  This book contains more information than the others and is designed for older students.

If you lived at the time of the Civil War by: Kay Moore

-Another book with good pictures and basic information about the war.

The Big Book of the Civil War by: Joeanne Mattern

-Similar to the eyewitness book with great real images.  Goes in depth about the war more however.

Web Sites:

-This link was made by students for students.  It contains a great time line and graphs about the north and the south.

-This link contains great graphics and detail about the war.  It is targeted towards older students (6th, 7th grade).  It also contains links to games and exhibits.

-This site is designed for fifth graders and contains tables that compare the north and south.

-This site contains links to informational websites as well as games and other online activities.

-This site contains quizzes for students and has a link to a site which describes the battles in the war.

Civil War Powerpoint presentations

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