Moon Phases

The topic covered is Moon Phases. Moon Phases fall under the SOL 3.8. Moon phases can be a tricky topic to teach without some great visuals. I have listed some of the best books, and online resources that I have found on the subject. Resources listed below are geared toward third graders.

Book Resources

Phases of the Moon

 Phases of the Moon, by Gillia M. Olson

This book explains moon phases in very simple language. Diagrams in the book are helpful and easy to understand. The book’s pictures are so great that this book is recommended for struggling readers trying to understand the concept of moon phases.

The Moon Seems to Change, by Franklyn M. Branley and illustrated by Barbra and Ed Emberley.

This book is recommended to accompany your science text. It’s a great supplement to teaching the concept of moon phases. The books includes great diagrams and pictures.

The Moon, byDavid Jefferis

This book features photos from NASA! The book is now in it’s new edition. It features great color pictures and information about the moon.

The Moon

The Moon Book, written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons

Gail Gibbons writes and illustrates a fantastic book. This book is the best book for sharing with third graders about the subject.

When You Look Up at the Moon, written by Allan Fowler

Good book for children that may not have prior knowledge about the moon. This book is a great starting point.

Web sites for children

Lunar Cycle Challenge Game The object of this game is for the children to drag the moon to their correct place in the lunar cycle.

Moon Phase Order This site features the moon phases in random order and the children can put them in the correct order and check for correctness. Great game for children to play together!

Moon Phase Flashcards This site would be great for children to use as a tutorial when preparing for a moon phase quiz! You click on the flashcards to review all phases of the moon.

How Long Does a Moon Phase Last? This site will help children to understand how long moon phases last. It also has a great visual of the Earth, moon, ans sun as the moon goes through it’s phases. The site offers easy to follow demonstrations as well.

Moon Phases-The Basics Great site for children to read about the moon’s phases. It’s answers basic questions about the moon’s phases.

Resources for teachers

Moon Phase Stations You will find an actual lesson plan that is filled with learning stations that you can set up to help your children better understand the topic.

Activities for Most Ages There are moon phase activities for grades K-12. This site is helpful to those who need activities to accommodate and challenge students alike.

Science Online This site includes demonstrations, lesson plans, printables, and much more!

Challenge Great questions and answers about the moon. These questions would be great to challenge students or to put up on the board for the question of the day!

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