Kindergarten Counting

The following links are resources that will be helpful in teaching Kindergarten counting. Use these resources when planning lessons and activities for VA SOL K.2: The student, given a set containing 15 or fewer concrete objects, will a) tell how many are in the set by counting orally; b)write the numeral to tell how many are in the set; and c)select the corresponding numeral from a given set of numerals.

Rainbow Fish 1, 2, 3: by Marcus Pfister.

 In this book, young children’s favorite fish teaches them about the numbers one to ten. The illustrations are bright and colorful and boldly highlight each numeral. This interactive book is a great introduction to counting.

One Monkey Too Many: by Jackie French Koller and Lynn Munsinger

This silly monkey counting book is written in rhyme and has funny and exciting illustrations. Children read and count as the mischevious monkeys create chaos on every page.

The Twelve Days of Kindergarten: A Counting Book: by Deborah Lee Rose and Carey Armstrong-Ellis

This book is set to the familiar tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. It uses a cumulative counting verse to illustrate the excitement of the kindergarten experience. There are objects to count on every page and children will enjoy the silliness in all of the illustrations.

Mouse Count: by Ellen Stohl-Walsh

Mouse Count is a counting game story about ten little mice trying to escape the jaws of a slithery snake. Readers count forwards and backwards to ten in this lively, dramatic book.

The Baker’s Dozen: A Counting Book: by Dan Anderson

This counting book uses rhyme and mouth-watering illustrations to captivate the reader and make counting fun and tasty with a two-line verse for each number from one to twelve. It is about a jolly baker who bakes all morning and then opens the doors to his 13 ( a baker’s dozen) eager customers.

Web Annotations:
Number Train In this game, students have to put the boxcars in order from 1-10 and while they are choosing a number, objects pop up for them to count. This reinforces one-to-one correspondence.
Count Your Chickens Students have to count the number of objects and then click on the corresponding numeral. If they choose and incorrect number, each object is highlighted so they can count along and find the correct answer.
Count To 10 reinforces one-to-one correspondence by instructing students to click on a box and then click the matching number of objects or numeral.
Count Us In is a game that has two levels; easy and hard. In the hard level, the student counts the objects and enters both the number and number word. In the easy level, the student counts the objects and enters the number.
Tracy’s Matching Game features a character from PBS. It is a memory type game where the students have to click on the cards to match the picture to the number.

Additional Resources:
Kelly’s Kindergarten provides a variety of games to make for students that reinforce numbers, counting and one to one correspondence.
Mrs. Jones is chock full of links to everything math-online activities, math songs, stories, math dictionaries, virtual manipulatives and much more.
Hubbard’s Cupboard is a great site for file folder games, box it bag it games and math tubs.

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