Teaching Earth Science Through Children’s Literature: The Cloud Book

The cloud book The Cloud Book written and illustrated by Tomie dePaola introduces children to the ten most common types of clouds, what weather will likely occur based on the formation of the clouds, and myths inspired by different cloud shapes.  This book mixes fact and fiction to teach the science of cloud formation is a way that children will both understand and enjoy.The Cloud Book integrates science into reading. The illustrations and text are comical, so it captures children's attention and is fun for adults to read as well.  To finish off an already fun book, dePaola concludes with "Very Silly Cloud Story," further demonstrating the authors talent to attract audiences of all ages.Curriculum ConnectionsWhile being a comic and fun book to read, The Cloud Book introduces children to both the types of clouds we observe in the sky and also types of weather (K.6a).  Of course, first the book tells how clouds are formed, through evaporation, which is caused by the warmth of the sun (1.6), condensation which forms the clouds which in turn leads to precipitation (3.9b).Additional Resources

  • Weather WizKids a childrens site from the ABC station from Indianapolis, IN, it provides an excellent link to clouds.  It has information on formation color, height in the atmosphere, type, and much more.  It also includes actual pictures of each cloud formation, lesson plans on clouds for teachers and experiments that can be done in the classroom.  Plus it also provides useful information on other types of weather, such as tornados and volcanos.
  • Web Weather for Kids provides an experiment where students will create a cloud in a portable cloud in a jar.  It also explains what children should see when they do the experiment as well as explains why the phenomena occurs.
  • Weatherworks provides students with the opportunity to have an ongoing observation of the different colors and cloud types in the sky.  Students predict what they will observe most then everyday for a month students observe the sky to see what cloud formations they can find.

 General Information

  • Book: The Cloud Book
  • Author/ Illustrator:  Tomie dePaola
  • Publisher: Holiday House
  • Publication Date:1984
  • Pages:32
  • Grade range:  K to 3rd grade
  • ISBN: 0823405311
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