Teaching Economics with Children’s Literature: Max’s Bunny Business



Max’s Bunny Business is a very cute and fun way to help teach kids about buying things and earning money to pay for those things. This story follows Max the bunny and his friends as they scheme up ideas to earn enough money to buy a fire angle ring from their favorite store. Max and his friends do everything from selling lemonade to selling Halloween candy in an effort to earn enough money for the desired ring. However, a competition ends up occurring between Max and his friends when they don’t see eye to eye on business practices. As a result, only Max ends up with a fire angel ring because the store ran out of rings so this book could also help introduce the concept of supply and demand.

Curriculum Connections

This book could be used to satisfy VA SOLS K.7 (b). This strand requires that students recognize that people use money to purchase goods. This book would be fun to read prior to hosting an activity where students sell items to their classmates (using fake money of course!) or a classroom store is opened up. Another fun thing to do after reading this book would be to have students brainstorm different fun/odd jobs they could do to earn money.

Additional Resources

This website managed by Nick Jr. is all about the TV series Max & Ruby and the website features lots of online games, activity ideas, recipes, and TV clips. A great resource to accompany the book.

This webpage features several coloring pages that feature Max & Ruby!

This site provides lesson plans and activity ideas that incorporate the main characters from Max’s Bunny Business.

General Information

Book: Max’s Bunny Business
Author: Rosemary Wells
Illustrator:Rosemary Wells
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
Publishing date: May 15, 2008
Pages: 32
Grade range: K-2
ISBN-10: 0670011053

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