Teaching Ancient Civilization with Children’s Literature: The Desert Is Theirs



The Desert Is Theirs, written by Byrd Baylor and illustrated by Peter Parnall talks about the close relationship of people, animals and how they share the land. The author addresses the many aspects of living in the desert from what the desert looks like, how it feels (weather) and what is living in the desert (animals, plants, ect). This book can teach children about different cultures and their views.

Curriculum Connections:

The Desert Is Theirs would be great for teachers to read aloud to their third grade class. This is because there are some lengthy pages and difficult words to pronounce. The book has detailed pictures the students can look at. The students can go online and research the Papago tribe to understand their culture. (SOL 3.2)

Additional Resources:

Ancient Civilization Clipart and Photos– These photos are perfect to hang in your classroom when you are teaching your lesson on Ancient Civilization. This gives kids a visual way to understand our history.

The Middle East and Beyond– The students become a traveler which they are to explore the Middle-East to gain an understanding of cultures and where they exist

Lesson Plan Central– This website allows students to learn lessons and worksheets on Ancient Civilization

Book: The Desert Is Theirs

Author: Bryd Baylor

Illustrator: Peter Parnall

Publication Date: 1975

Grade Range: 2-5

ISBN: 33082001937878

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