Teaching Ancient Civilizations with Children’s Literature: Excavating The Past, Ancient Rome



Ancient Rome is a book written by Fiona MacDonald that is part of the excavating the past series of children’s books.  This book explores archeological excavations of Romans sites from Scotland to North Africa.  It highlights Roman architecture such as the Pantheon and the Colosseum and also discusses the cultural contributions Romans made to the world.  Ancient Rome is filled with colorful pictures of all the important Roman sites and provides plenty of details about each location.  Throughout the book there are words that are written in bold type and included in a glossary in the back of the book.

Curriculum Connections
Ancient Rome can be used to introduce a lesson on the contributions ancient Rome made to the world in terms of architecture, daily life and sports.(3.1)  This is a wonderful book to use to instruct students on the impact the Romans had and continue to have.  Ancient Rome has a large amount of text so it is not appropriate for younger grades but this book can be a great resource for the upper elementary grades.

Additional Resources

  • Three-dimensional model of the Pantheon this lesson plan provides information on Hadrian and how to make a model of the Pantheon.
  • Roman roads this is an information sheet on how the Romans built their roads.
  • The Colosseum this is a free download of a 3-D model of the Colosseum as it appeared during the Roman Empire.

Book: Ancient Rome
Author: Fiona MacDonald
Publisher: Heinemann Library
Publication Date: 2005
Pages: 48
Grade Range: 3-6
ISBN: 1-4034-4838-8

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