Teaching Physical Science with Children’s Literature: Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids

isaac newtown

Kerrie Logan Hollihan has written a great book called Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids that introduces students to the brilliant life and works of the famous mind of Isaac Newton.  Many people know of Newton through the anecdote about the apple, or from his laws of motion, but as this book shows there was so much more to the man.  Starting with his parents, Hollihan lets us meet the real Isaac Newton, with all his flaws, and goes in depth about his discoveries in physics, astronomy, optics, and mathematics.  Best of all, this book matches the information with 21 activities that students can perform, all of which Newton did himself.

Curriculum Connections
While the book’s notes recommend it for ages 9-12, after reading it I would say that 11-14 is more appropriate. It would be a perfect tie in for investigating and understanding scientific principles and technological applications of work, force, and motion (PS.10).  It is also a great biographical text for students to understand one of the greatest thinkers in history.

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General Information

Book: Isaac Newton and Physics for Kids: His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities
Author: Kerrie Logan Hollihan
Illustrator: Laura D’Argo
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Publication Date: 2009
Pages: 131
Grade Range: 5-9
ISBN: 978-1556527784

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