Teaching Geography With Children’s Literature: Follow That Map! A First Book of Mapping Skills



"Do you know how to find a hidden treasure?  Do you know how far your house is from the candy store?  Do you know the way to your favorite ride at the amusement park?  It's easy!  Join the friends below and follow that map!"  This book teaches kids all about maps in a fun and interactive way.  Terms such as legend, compass rose, landmarks, and symbols are introduced.  There are also sections on understanding a globe and creating your own map.  A convenient index of map terms is also included.

Curriculum Connections

A great introductory level book, this could be used to introduce the concepts of maps.  Once introduced, the students could create their own maps.

It would teach them how to demonstrate map skills by constructing simple maps, using title, map legend, and compass rose. (SOL 2.6 ).  The book would be most appropriate for grade levels 2-3.

Additional Resources

This teacher’s site has many great ideas for class activities about maps.  Even contains a video on reading maps for the students to watch!

This activity page allows students to decorate their own compass rose as well as complete the direction labels.

This video clip shows teachers some ideas for teaching kids about map skills.

This site contains learning activities directly related to the book, provided by publisher.

Title: Follow that Map! A First Book of Mapping Skills

Author: Scot Ritchie

Publisher: Kidscanpress.com

Publication Date: 2009

Pages: 32

Grade Range: 2-3

ISBN: 978-155453-274- 2


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