Teaching Geography with Children’s Literature: What The World Eats


 Introduction and Summary

What The World Eats is a very informative factual book written by Faith D’Aluisio. The book provides a snapshot of what people around the world eat. It is a very enlightening book that really engages the reader and would be a wonderful tool to get students thinking. The book includes many maps including a world map which indicates all the countries profiled in the book and then smaller maps for each country that is profiled. The book provides facts about each of the locations and also stats about that particular area’s population and demogrpahic information. A native family is profiled for each country that is profiled and excellent, compelling photographsby Peter Menzel adorn each page. The profile includes information about the country, what the family eats, how they get their food, how much they spend on food, etc.

Curriculum Connections

This book would be great to use in a unit when students are learning about other countries and cultures. Because the book profiles so many different families in different countries studnets can ot only learn about other countries but also the people who inhabit those countries and get a look at their culture. This book could also be used to compare and contrast the United States of America and the American lifestyle with those of other countries, especially developing nations.

In Virginia, this book would be a great resource to use with Virginia SOL standards WG 1 (e) and WG 4.

Additional Resources

 1. The book includes recipes that each profile family selected to share with the readers. Teachers could select a few of these recipes and bring the dishes into school to share with the class.

 2. A great website providing lesson plans and activities for using food to dicuss cultures and countries.

3.  This website provides an interactive World map that students can use to explore more about different countries.

4. This is the website that accompanies the book!

General Information

Book: What The World Eats

Author: Faith D’Aluisio

Photographer: Peter Menzel

Publisher: Tricycle Press

Publication Date: 2008

Pages: 160

Grade Range: 5-8

ISBN: 1582462461

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