Teaching Geography with Children’s Literature: How I Learned Geography


Introduction and Summary:

  • In the book, How I Learned Geography by Uri Shulevitz it tells the story of a family who fled their troubled homeland to live in another country. One day since the food is scarce the father brings home a map instead of food for his son. The boy ends up studying the maps every detail. As a result every place the boy studies on the map he is transported too. The boy goes to these exotic places without even leaving the room. The boy eventually becomes more content with the map than food because he can travel to places he never would have dreamed of going.

 Curriculum Connections:

  • This book could be used to teach k-3 graders to develop map skills.  (K.4) The students are able to understand how to locate land and water on maps. (1.4) The boy in the book was transported to far away places. The boy learned how to recognize certain symbols like land and water on the map when he traveled from place to place.

Additional Resources:

  • Map Skills– This activity teaches the students how to read and use a map. This lesson is a great activity for field trips

  • Map Coloring Worksheet– Color the maps. The two states that do not share the borders may be the same color. Also the states that meet at the same point may be the same color.

  • BB- Social Studies– In this lesson create a map and on the map create different names for the landforms on the map. Position the symbols on the map to show their locations

Book: How I learned Geography
Author: Uri Shulevitz
Publication Date: 2008
Pages: 1-30
Grade Range: k-3
ISBN: 2007011889

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