Teaching Physical Science with Children’s Literature: Move!



 Have you ever wondered how certain animals move? Move! , which was written by Steve Jenkins and illustrated by Robin Page, gives young children an introduction to vocabulary, animals and physical science by describing the many different ways that animals can move. This book doesn’t talk about common animals like dogs and cats, it focuses attention on less familiar animals like the road runner, the blue whale, the arctic hare and the jumping spider just to name a few. What makes this book even more interesting is that, when I read it, I had no idea how some of these animals moved! I didn’t know jumping spiders “dance to impress” or that “a roadrunner flies, but not too far.” If I can find these facts interesting, then there’s no way a child would not find these facts fun as well.

 Curriculum Connections:

 With this book, children can learn a great deal about physical science. For example, looking at the different types of animals out in the world and observing, accurately, how they move from place to place. While also observing animals, questions can be formed as well (if spiders jump, do other animals jump? Do all animals in the ocean swim? Can all birds fly?, etc.). While also observing the many different types of animals out in the world, questions can be asked, predictions can be made and conclusions can be drawn based on the observations the book provides. This may be a children’s book but it’s also a book full of science tips ! (VA SOLs: K.1, 1.1 2.1 and 3.1).


Additional Resources: 

Animals on the Go!:  This short video is an excellent clip for teachers and students that shows many different animals and the ways that they move from place to place.

Moving and Growing:  With this fun website, children can learn the science of what moving is all about and how both humans and animals move from place to place. A great science website for kids and teachers to use!

Moving Animals:  On this website, children have to match the animal body part with the animal that helps it to move. A great website for young children to learn about how things move.

General Information:

Book: Move!

Author: Steve Jenkins

Author: Robin Page

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company

Publication Date: 2006

Pages: 32

Grade Range: Pre-K thru K

ISBN: 0-618-64637


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