Teaching Civics with Children’s Literature: America is…


“And America is old towns with old names, and new towns yet to be, that tell our history, then and now.  It is a nation where fifty states meet, where we are all one.”

Beautifully illustrated by Stacey Schuett and poetically written by Louise Borden, America Is is a patriotic children’s book that examines America’s birth, its people, and its land.  Borden exposes young children to the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled Banner in this book.  She gives a brief explanation of the symbols on the American flag.  There is a map of the fifty states and illustrations of the various types of people that are called Americans.  Children will learn that America began with its native people and now includes all the people that have later joined this great country.

Curriculum Connections
Children throughout grades K-3rd would enjoy this book.  It is a good overview of geographical regions in the United States and touches on some economics with the mention of the various jobs that Americans hold (K.6).  Children will sense the value we place on freedom here in the United States.  The pictures show the American flag (K.9).  It celebrates the diversity of the people of 50 states united by a common belief in freedom (1.12c).

Additional Resources

Book:  America is…
Author:  Louise Borden
Illustrator:  Stacey Schuett
Publisher:  Margaret K. McElderryBooks
Publication Date:  2002
Pages:  37
Grade Range:  K-3rd
ISBN:  0-689-83900-6

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