Teaching Life Science With Children’s Literature: Grrr! A Book About Big Cats


“And big cats do not purr.  They roar!  GRRR!”  GRRR!  A Book About Big Cats is a chapter book all about the various types of big cats.  There are chapters on lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars.    Each chapter discusses habitat, diet, and other interesting facts about the cats.  There are also bolded words and definitions of new vocabulary words.

Curriculum Connections

This book could be used in the instruction of the life science to young students (target grade 1-2).  It teaches that animals have distinct needs and defining characteristics (1.4.B).  It could be nicely tied to a unit on the animal kingdom. It could also coincide with a social studies unit about the continents.  Where the animals live could be discussed (ex. lions in Africa).  A discussion about animal extinction and protection would also be appropriate when reading this book.


This “creature feature”  ,provided by National Geographic for Kids,  has facts, videos, and photos about lions appropriate for kids.

A fact sheet about leopards that could be used for research or report writing.

This teacher’s website contains a lesson plan for teaching about jaguars.

Book:  Grrr!  A Book About Big Cats

Author:  Melvin and Gilda Berger

Publisher: Scholastic Inc

Publication Date:2002

Pages: 1-40

Grade Range:  1-2


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