Teaching History with Children’s Literature: O is for Old Dominion


O is for Old Dominion was written by Pamela Duncan Edwards and illustrated by Troy Howell. This book is an excellent resource for teachers that are introducing children to Virginia’s history. Pamela Duncan Edwards does an extraordinary job discussing everything from the Arlington National Cemetery to the magnificent Monticello to Zachary Taylor. She discusses Virginia history in a simple alphabetical manner that even the youngest of readers can understand. Troy Howell also does an excellent job painting Virginia’s history in a vivid and lifelike manner. The child will turn each page to discover something new and exciting about the great state of Virginia. Pamela Duncan Edward also includes an easy to read yet challenging quiz at the end of the alphabet.

Curriculum Connection
Teachers that are introducing students to Virginia history in the first grade (VA SOL History 1.2) would use this book as an excellent reference to the many great individuals that were born in the great state of Virginia. When children are discussing the social and economic contributions (VA SOL VS.9d) of many great Virginians, this book could be used as an excellent resource for finding out more information on these individuals.

Additional Resources

  • Virginia Trivia Quiz is an interesting and fun trivia game asking children questions about Virginia in a very user-friendly manner.
  • Battleship is simple yet challenging game of Battleship where when the child guesses the right square then they must answer a question about Virginia history to receive an official “hit”.
  • Matching is a simple game that challenges the students to guess the right definitions of Virginia terms.


Book: O is for Old Dominion
Author: Pamela Duncan Edwards
Illustrator: Troy Howell
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publication Date: 2005
Pages: 36
Grade Range: 1-5
ISBN-10: 1585361615
ISBN-13: 978-1585361618

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