Teaching Civics with Children’s Literature: Our White House


Our White House: Looking In Looking Out, is an anthology that is a beautiful compilation of 108 renowned authors and illustrators. It was created in association with the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance (NCBLA) and the Office of First Lady Laura Bush.  This book offers its readers stories, poetry and artwork that spans Amerian history from within the walls of The White House and its many residents, who, of course, were Persidents!  This is truly a very special book, with the literary and art works donated, and all royalties going to support the NCBLA as it promotes literacy, libraries and the arts.

Curriculum Connections:  Our White House: Looking In Looking Out is a wonderful book for teaching various civics and history lessons. Civics SOLs K.9, 2.11, 3.11. History SOLs K.1. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.

Additional Resources:
This website allows children to read about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in a hands-on, child-friendly manner.  It offers basic information about both Presidents, and has additional resources that could be used on lesson about these specific Presidents.

This website provides instruction and information on how to write a letter to the President of the United States.  This would be a fun and interesting activity associated with this book and/or President’s Day activities.

This website offers several printable booklets for various ages from easy reader levels to a bit more advanced.  There are booklets for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  They include basic information about each President and allow for coloring in the pictures on each page.

General Information:
: Our White House: Looking In Looking Out
Author: 108 Authors and Illustrators
Illustrator: Various
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Pages:  256
Grade Range: K – 6
ISBN:  978-0-7636-2067-7

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