Teaching Earth Science With Children’s Literature: Every Season



What is your favorite season?  Is it summer when you can swim in the ocean? Is it autumn when you can jump in a pile of leaves? Or maybe winter when the weather is just right for sipping hot chocolate?  Every Season by Shelley Rotner & Anne Love Woodhull, photographs by Anne Love Woodhull, will spark lively classroom discussions about the four seasons.  The spare text complements the abundance of vibrant photographs which are sure to appeal to young children. 

Curriculum Connections

Use Every Season to illustrate that the changes in season, cause changes in weather, which cause changes in the activities of plants, animal and people (VA Science SOL K.9 and 1.7).

Additional Resources

Spring–When you think of spring you think of rain. Make it rain in your classroom with this        activity that demonstrates the water cycle

Summer–Students can observe how change occurs over time by making  grass head monsters.

Autumn–You can save memories of fall and study the differences between objects by doing leaf  rubbings.

Winter–Young children can practice their reading and mouse skills while they enjoy building a snowman.

BookEvery Season 
:  Shelley Rotner & Anne Love Woodhull
Illustrator:  Shelley Rotner
Publisher:  Roaring Brook Press
Publication Date:  May 2007
Pages:  32
Grade Range:  K – 1
ISBN-13:  9781596431362

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