Teaching Earth Science with Children’s Literature: Weather


Weather written by Jim Pipe is an excellent science resource for younger elementary students. Jim Pipe uses language that is easy for the student to understand and photographs that are beautifully arranged. This book describes everything from describing atmosphere as “the mixture of gases that surrounds any planet”(p. 30) to a thunderstorm “that produces thunder and lightning”(p. 31). This book even has a few examples on how students can experiment with weather themselves.

Curriculum Connections
 Jim Pipe uses not only vivid pictures but excellent information to describe each and every type of weather. Weather is appropriate when teaching elementary school students the different types of weather (SOL 4.6b). This book could be used as an excellent introduction or as an excellent resource to any topic related to weather.

Additional Resources
Hurricanes is a wonderful website that has questions and answers designated to learning all about hurricanes.

Forecast is a great website where children can create their own forecast.

Weather station  is a very useful site that is designated to demonstrating to kids on how to actually create their very own weather station.

General Info:
Book: Weather
Author: Jim Pipe
Illustrator: Brian Smart
Publisher: Aladdin Books Ltd
Pages: 32
Grade Range: 3-5
ISBN: 1-932799-47-8

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