Teaching Life Science with Children’s Literature: Salmon Creek


Salmon Creek, written by Annette LeBox and illustrated by Karen Reczuch, is an engaging story about the life cycle of a salmon.

Salmon Creek is the story of Sumi, a coho salmon.  Sumi’s journey of life starts in the creek bed where she is hatched.  It takes her through streams, rivers, the ocean, and her return to the creek bed where the journey began.  Sumi’s journey ends as she spawns eggs of her own.  The illustrations in this book are colorful, and help to draw the reader into the story.

Curriculum Connections:  Salmon Creek is an excellent book for highlighting the series of orderly changes in the life of a coho salmon.  It also references habitat, spawning, and their homeward migration.  SOL 2.4

Additional Resources

  • This National Geographic site has a great deal of information and resources, including a lesson plan, handouts, and a slide show.
  • A short video clip shows the life-cycle of a salmon. run time: 3.25 minutes
  • This website lists additional books that may complement this unit.  The bottom of the page offers links that provide a vocabulary word bank and an interactive fish facts page that is geared towards independent use by your students.

BookSalmon Creek
Author:  Annette LeBox
Illustrator:  Karen Reczuch
Publisher:  Groundwood Books/Douglas & McIntyre
Publication Date:  2005
Pages:  32
Grade Range:  k-3
ISBN:  9780888996442 and 0-88899-458-3

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