Teaching Physical Science with Children’s Literature: Busy Wheels


Busy Wheels by Peter Lippman  and illustrated by Aurelius Battaglia explores a variety of different machines found in the environment. This books gives many good examples of how wheels can be used. All of these items with wheels do very important jobs. “Some children ride in school buses. Some Ride on bicycles. Others travel by car.” This book provides many everyday examples that students may see in everyday life.

Curriculum Connections
This book would be a great way to show students examples of machines with wheels. It could be used for students to read at a center or could be used as a teaching tool for the whole class. This applies to SOL 3.2 (c and d) providing examples of everyday machines in school, home and in the community.

Additional Resources

  • This website provides definitions of both simple and compound machines. This site could be a very good beginning point for the students.
  • This video gives the students an opportunity to watch how a compound machine, the pulley works. This would expand on the students knowledge.
  • Here is a simple activity for students to complete about machines. This site provides lesson plans for the teacher on different types of machines.

General Information
Book: Busy Wheels
Author: Peter Lippman
Illustrator:Aurelius Battaglia
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: 1973
Grade Range: 2-4

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