Teaching Process Skills with Children’s Literature: A Hunt For Clues


A Hunt for Clues written by Anne Miranda and illustrated by Michele Noiset chronicles a young girl’s search for her her pet cat Puff.  The young girl, Mary Sue, solicits help from a boy named Burt and his dog True Blue who he claims “can hunt for clues.”  Mary Sue met Burt and True Blue in the park during her search for Puff, and the duo proved to be incredibly valuable.  True Blue used his sense of smell to sniff out clues about Puff’s whereabouts as Mary Sue and Burt identified each object and pieced together all the clues to find Puff.A Hunt for Clues can be used at the kindergarten level to aid in the student’s processing skills.  The student will have to follow the clues uncovered by True Blue, identify the objects, and attempt to understand why the found objects are important  to locating Puff’s whereabouts.

Curriculum Connections
A Hunt for Clues is connected to the K.1 Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic Standard of Learning that requires students to conduct investigations in which basic properties of objects are identified by direct observation.

Additional Resources

Book: A Hunt for Clues
Author: Anne Miranda
Illustrator: Michele Noiset
Publisher: Modern Curriculum Press
Publication Date: 1996
Pages: 16
Grade Range: Pre-Kindergarten-Kindergarten
ISBN: 0-8136-2148-8

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