Teaching Process Skills with Children’s Literature: Millions to Measure


Millions to Measure is part of a great series of books by David Schwartz that deals with measurements in length, weight, and volume. It explores how the metric system came about and explains how to measure using the metric system. This book is a great visual reference for children to see equal measurements and to see why a standard measurement had to be created. It shows how nonstandard units are more difficult to measure with. Schwartz’s other book, How Much is a Million explores the concepts of how much a million, billion, and trillion are and If You Made a Million explores the concepts of money.

Curriculum Connections
This book can be used in many different grades as an introduction to basic measuring and as an advanced lesson in measuring in the metric system and the standard English system. Some SOLS it can be used for are:

  • VA SOL 1.1:  measuring length, volume, and mass using standard and nonstandard units.
  • VA SOL 2.1: length, volume, mass, and temperature measurements are made in metric units and standard English units.
  • VA SOL 3.1: volume measurements(ml and l), length measurements (cm)

Additional Resources

  • Scholastic has a great resource for a lesson plan and worksheet for students to explore nonstandard units of measurement to measure different items in the classroom.  It also checks their understanding of what unit to measure length, volume, and  weight with.
  • ABC Teach has a fun book for students to create and take home where they measure different parts of their body. I believe it would work best with a partner so they can help each other get an accurate measurement. If will help them practice writing the correct unit of measurement as well.
  • ABC Teach also has a worksheet students can use to measure different objects with a nonstandard and standard unit of measurement.
  • Gamequarium has a lot of great interactive games for kids to practice measurement. There are games using inches, centimeters, and ounces.

Book: Millions to Measure
David Schwartz
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Publication Date: March 2003
Pages: 40 pages
Grades: K-5
ISBN: 978-0688129163

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