4th Grade Fractions


Included below are many fun ways to interact and learn fractions with students.

4.2 The student will;
a.)compare and order fractions and mixed numbers,
b.)represent equivalent fractions


  1.  Fraction Fun – written by David Adler and illustrated by Nancy Tobin this book is a great way to get kids interested in learning fractions.  It is simply put for students to easy understand the basic fraction concepts.  Pizza pie is used in the book to demonstrate fractions and that is easy for students to relate to.  Also found in this book are ways use coins to help with fractions.
  2. Apple Fractions – written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Rob Bolster this book works with apples in a variety of ways to help students with learning of fractions.  Students are shown by elves how to divide the different apples into halves, thirds, and so forth. Readers are also able to learn about different apples as well.
  3. Working Fractions – written by David A. Adler and illustrated by Edward Miller – This book uses clear language that is familiar to children about to explain different concepts related to fractions.  It touches on why 1/12th is bigger than 1/15th, which can be difficult for students to grasp.
  4. Full House –  written by Dayle Ann Dodds and illustrated by Abby Carter – This is a narrative of Miss Strawberry’s Inn and how she has different guest come and in serving them she is using fractions to do so.
  5. Hershey’s – written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Rob Bolster – The Hershey’s book is a great way to go over fractions with students.  Being that Hershey bars are made up of 12 small rectangles it is easy to divide many different ways.  Demonstrating with a Hershey bar would be even better because the children would love to have samples of their fractions later!


  1.  Equivalent Fraction Finder is a very helpful site for helping students learn which fractions are equivalent.   A score is kept of how many equivalent fractions the students are able to find correct or incorrectly.  It has simple explanations of how to complete it and students should find it very helpful.
  2. Fraction Tutorial is a great site that answers questions students may have about what fractions are.  On here they have examples of reducing fractions, comparing fractions, and many more concepts dealing with fractions.
  3. The game Who Wants Pizza is a great tool for students to make fractions. They are given rectangles and told to make different fractions into each one.
  4. Comparing Fractions is a site that helps students learn which students are equivalent and ones that are not.  Boxes are given with fractions below and the students are able to type in their answers and check their work.
  5. Fraction to Number Line is a great site for students to use when conquering fractions.  Here they click on a number line to match different fractions.  The site is very helpful at being sort of hands on.  Even though it is an online activity the students are able to really see fractions at work.

Additional Resources

  1.  Balloon Pop Fractions is a fun site for kids to learn which fractions are greater and which is the lesser.  Here they click on the balloons in order from least to greatest to make it pop.  Students are able to have fun and learn fractions at the same time.
  2. Matching Fractions is a great game where students are being timed to match the different fractions with their equivalent counterparts.  It is not only a great teaching tool for fractions, but it is also at helping students with making the most out of a little bit of time.
  3. The Apple has many different things for teachers and students to use with fractions.  A few of the things you can find here are articles, lesson plans, and quizzes.  It covers a range of topics and has a clear understanding of everything you may need to know about fractions and much more!
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