Counting Book Podcast – The M&M’s Brand Counting Book


In this podcast, Kelsey Rdzanek introduces listeners to the book The M&M’s Brand Counting Book by Barbara Barbieri McGrath.

I selected The M & M’s Brand Counting Book because it is includes a few key elements which kids in grades K-2 are very interested in: candy and colorful pictures! It also does a great job of teaching kids to count forward to 12 and back again and helps with number sense.

The book can be used for a variety of lesson plan topics including shapes, colors, addition, subtraction and creating sets.

Related Books
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Additional Information
Here is a kindergarten lesson plan on counting by ones that uses this book.
You can view some samples of student work with M&M activities.
Download a chart for graphing M&M’s.
The official site for M&M’s has games and activities for kids.

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