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In an entirely new genre, Kehlani spreads the same awareness regarding mental health by by putting her problems on full display in her song “24/7.” The song sends the message that it is okay to be unhappy sometimes and that it is totally normal to be in a rut. By belonging to an entirely separate genre than the previous two bands discussed, Kehlani is able to share that same message to an entirely new audience. It is also important to note that Kehlani identifies as queer and is very open about her sexuality, which reinforces that this conversation is reaching an entirely new audience.


In terms of the sound of the song, the song’s synth-dominant instrumentation creates another timbre similar to the one created by Foster the People in that its vibrant and uplifting, which allows for the social conversation that Kehlani is going to have with the listener a lot easier. She wastes no time, immediately beginning to express her depressive tendencies and to address the topic of mental health and mood in the first lines of the song: “It’s okay to not be okay / To dive in your pain / And it’s alright to not be alright / To search for your light.”  This sentiment is constant across the song, continuing in lyrics that attribute to the song’s name: “I don’t know nobody / Who thinks they’re somebody / 24/7 / 24/7 / I don’t know nobody / Who smiles at everybody / 24/7 / 24/7.” Kehlani’s soft, tender voice allows for the lyrics of the song to be very clear and shows that singing in this serious but loving tone is another viable option for the social conversation revolved around mental health.

In addition to singing songs oriented around mental health problems, Kehlani openly discusses these problems with her fans at her concerts and events. The video below is an excellent representation of the awareness Kehlani has brought to the problem and shows that Kehlani is particularly interested in preserving our youth.


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