BTS Mindful Social Media Kings: Creating Sincere Fan Connections while Spreading Relevant Messages


BTS laying on the couch for MAP OF SOUL: PERSONA Album Version 4 Source: BIG HIT ENTERTAINMENT “MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA Album version 4”iBighit,

BTS, a South Korean pop group, has been charting on the mainstream American music scene since the release of their 2017 album Love Yourself: Her. The album would later peak at number three for the Billboard Digital Album chart. Soon after BTS were the first Korean artist to perform at the American Music Awards.

BTS’s ever growing success can be attributed to their accessibility to fans via social media. As well as, the group’s discussion of themes that resonate with their millennial and Gen Z audience. The flawed Korean education system in the first three mini-albums, the struggle of youth in The Most Beautiful Moments in Life album series, and mental health in the Love Yourself album series.  

Music Ally U.S Chart Data on BTS’s album Love Yourself: Her