Senior Justice Harry L. Carrico

Senior Justice Harry L. Carrico served for forty-two years as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia.  Currently, Justice Carrico serves as a Visiting Professor of Law and Civic Engagement at the University of Richmond.

Though he earned his law degree from George Washington University, Justice Carrico has a longstanding relationship with the University of Richmond School of Law.  In 1962, Justice Carrico contacted the school in search of law clerks.  In the years following this initial request, over half of Justice Carrico’s law clerks were from T.C. Williams.  Over the years, Justice Carrico has provided invaluable support to the law school and its student community.  Most recently, Justice Carrico has offered students numerous opportunities to sit and speak with him on the law school campus.

During his career on the Commonwealth’s high court, then Chief Justice Carrico was active in a wide range of law school activities, including moot court competitions and the prestigious John Marshall Scholars Program.  In 1973, the University awarded Justice Carrico an honorary degree.

In honor of Senior Justice Harry L. Carrico, the University of Richmond School of Law Moot Court Board proudly hosts the annual second year moot court competition to further excellence in oral advocacy.  In 2006, Justice Carrico returned to serve as one of three judges of the competition named in his honor.  For Justice Carrico’s continued contributions to the law school, the Moot Court Board and entire student body of the University of Richmond School of Law are sincerely grateful.