Moot Court Awards

Intrascholastic Competition Awards

During the James H. Barnett and Harry L. Carrico Intrascholastic Moot Court Competitions, awards are given to the winner(s) of each respective competition and the first-runner up. An award is also customarily given to the writer of the highest scoring brief. Finally, the Board also offers Board membership to the top finishers in each competition. Generally, 8 new members are accepted during the Barnett Competition and 16 new members duringthe Carrico Competition; however, the Moot Court Board reserves the right to modify the number of membership offers extended if deemed appropriate.


The Order of the Barristers

The Order of Barristers is an honorable designation given to graduating students who distinguished themselves during their membership on the Board. Upon nomination by the Moot Court President, a committee of faculty members selects a group of students for this honor. New Members of the Order of Barristers are announced during an Awards Banquet held near the end of the academic year.