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Spring 2019 Courses Unavailable

Due to recent work on the Blackboard server, all spring 2019 courses were made unavailable. If the course was available prior to Monday evening, your course was impacted by the work. Professors will need to make their courses available to students again. Here is a link showing two different methods for making the course available:

We regret the unintended consequences of the needed work and assure you that no additional work will be required on the system which will negatively impact the availability of your courses.

If you have any questions, please contact Blackboard support at or by calling 287-6860.

Thank you,

Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology

Email Messages from Blackboard

If you receive an email message from, DO NOT reply. This is a non-monitored email address. Please email your professor directly if the email comes from a course announcement.

Students showing in dropped courses

We are aware of students being in Blackboard courses that they have either dropped or not registered for and are attempting to address the issue. Please let us know if you are impacted by this at and it is not addressed by the end of the day.

Thank you!

Course Unavailable to Students Message

If you are seeing the message “Course Unavailable to Students” you can make the course available using the Qwickly module or by going into the course Control Panel -> Customization -> Properties and then make the course available.

Since all courses are being created without requests and some professors do not use Blackboard. Thus, all courses are created as Unavailable so professors can make the decision when to make the course available to students.

Faculty Blackboard Updates

As you begin the Fall 2018 semester, here are some important updates to Blackboard we’d like to share with you.

Automatic Course Creation

All courses will now be created in Blackboard automatically. There is no longer a course request system. Your courses will be displayed in the “My Courses” area on the page after the login screen. All created courses are set to unavailable and must be turned on by the instructor when ready. You can do this using the Qwickly module (  on the home screen of Blackboard or by going into the course and going to Customization -> Properties -> Availability.

Merging Courses

Since all courses are being automatically created, there is a new way to merge your courses within the Blackboard platform. This creates a “parent/child” relationship where you maintain one course for working with the students. The student will see the course in which they are enrolled as the title of the course but will be directed to the parent course. More information on merging courses can be found here:

Organize your course list by term

To help you manage all the courses (past, present and future), it is recommended that you turn on “Group by term” in the “My Courses” area. To turn this on, hover over the “My Courses” title bar and click on the gear icon to the right of the title. On the next screen, click on “Group by term”. Once this is on, you can rearrange the terms, select which ones are visible to you, select which ones to expand when first logging on, etc. Step-by-step instructions can be found here:

Viewing student photos after Course Copy

If you copy a previous course into your new course, don’t forget to dismiss the completed notification so that student photos will appear under Tools -> Student Photos. More information can be found here:

Students no longer removed from Blackboard courses

Beginning with Summer 2018, students will not be removed from courses until they graduate from the University. This means that if you do not wish for students to have access to your course after the end of the semester, you will need to make the course unavailable. You can do this using the Qwickly module (  on the home screen of Blackboard or by going into the course and going to Customization -> Properties -> Availability.

We hope you have a successful semester and if we can assist in anyway please contact or call 287-6860. For additional assistance please visit

Thank you,