Notes on Source – Ashley Gross

My notes differed as I was taking them this time from how they normally are because I found myself questioning everything I read. I was constantly wondering and making side notes for other things to look up during the reading. This ranged from how credible was the source, to whether or not I personally bought the argument of the author that was trying to convince me. I was careful to include page numbers and track the source where I got it, as well as note where I am in the research process so that later on, when I come back to these notes, I will see that I have hardly done any research so far (and if there is conflicting data later on, this definitely deserves a second look). However, my notes were similar in that I like taking most of my notes by had, especially when reading about things that I’m not completely familiar with.

I chose to read this article because it is a broader picture of my overall topic which I think is good to read at this point. I am trying to widen my scope before narrowing in. This article helped me gain a bit more perspective and brought up a few topics (gender and leadership in the U.S., attitudes and actions of women and the responses to these actions, etc) which reaffirmed the major questions I have right now about the world.