Below are my notes which I took on the article titled “School Principals’ Leadership Style and Teachers’ Subjective Well Being at School”. The article is focused on exploring the extent to which a principal’s leadership style moderates various teacher variables such as teacher burnout, job insecurity and others.

Copying notes on freehand allowed me to take a closer look at the reading and some of its pitfalls when applying this to my own research. One of the major shortcomings of this article is that it focuses specifically on Eastern European countries. Its limited scope presents a challenge to applying similar approaches to my study because nearly all of the countries in the study have more homogeneous demographics than the communities of which I hope to focus. Additionally, the article does not focus on student performance or outcomes which I hope to also examine. However, it did provide me with a useful framework to guide the structure of my paper, specifically regarding explanation of various leadership styles at the beginning and clearly demonstrating the instruments used to measure those leadership styles such as the MLQ.