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Persepolis Final- Satrapi escapes

Firstly, I found Satrapi’s objections in art class to bring up a the ultimate problem of all the oppressive laws towards women: they did not make sense. During this sectioN there are many instances of utter frustrations, Satrapi cannot seem to assimilate to her own traditionalistic society and in most instances it only bring her trouble. Although her resistance is honorable and makes those in her family proud, it never seems to be appropriate in society. When Satrapi is caught after class drawing the man, she is chastised, to which she responded something along the lines of, “What do you want me to draw him facing the wall?” The instructor exclaims, “Yes!” The distinction in laws between males and females seems to have no other sound argument other than women are the property of men, which I guess it pretty the underlying truth in this society. 

Satrapi talks about the ability of her and her friend to balance this traditionalist society which doing their own art at home and/or partying every night. In a time of war and oppression she claimed, this two-faced life, cmade her and her friends ‘shitzophrenic,’ Satrapi seemed lost again, gets married and then has another episode of enlightenment. In terms of being married she becomes the exact woman she never wanted to become. By marrying and ‘acting normal’ she was conforming to the traditionalist regime. Ultimately Satrapi makes the choices we have all been waiting for and relieves herself of this lifestyle by moving to France. 

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  1. Alexander Bogomolov Alexander Bogomolov

    I agree with you in that throughout the graphic novel, Satrapi attempts to highlight the ridiculousness of many Iranian laws directed towards women. Marji’s objections in art class provides us with Satrapi’s direct criticism of the laws, and her many examples, like the red socks and being scolded for looking at the man she was drawing, help us understand the absurdity of the logic behind them. I am sure Satrapi has thousands of stories she could share, but believe she chose examples that showed particularly silly and flawed logic.

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