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Education’s role: Link to leadership studies

While reading this last section I couldn’t help but think of the conversation we had last class concerning education’s role in fixing past injustices. Specifically, when thinking about my own studies in the Leadership school, we study subjects such as Ethics and and Theories Models as our core curriculum. Additionally we are required to take two electives of our choice which allows for a bit of diversity in studies among majors. A question which I have been thinking throughout this semester is: How do we balance our core curriculum and elective studies in order to incorporate other perspectives of history?

The final section of Beloved highlights the cycle of racism. When we (as a society) are faced with the repercussions of such horrors of slavery we carry the responsibility to bring justice to those affected. On page 289 (for me) the idea of African American’s association with dirtiness highlights a learned stereotype which requires a level of understanding as a result of education. As members of a society we are challenged to find the ‘right stuff’ in order to solve issues we hold pertinent to us. Further, I think a fair chunk of the learning process is to diversify your interests until you find some study which genuinely motivates you. With this background in knowledge we may discover the causes we find most motivating to attribute our life. 

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  1. Alexander Bogomolov Alexander Bogomolov

    I agree with your idea of diversifying our interests to seek other voices. Although we are unable to incorporate every perspective in our core courses and elective offerings, it is important for us as students to remember that it is on us to use our curiosity and apply what we have learned in those courses to discover that balance for ourselves.

  2. Rachel Nugent Rachel Nugent

    I think it’s interesting how you tied this in with the idea that we all have to cultivate our own education, especially the way it is structured here at the Jepson School. Your reflection makes me look at the message in a way that it is our own responsibility to educate and inform ourselves, not the responsibility of others to make sure we know of the past mistakes and correct them.

    • Alexander Seeley Alexander Seeley


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