This past week, Timone cancelled our rehearsal last minute as he was unable to attend and could not get someone to cover for him in time. While Bliss and I were disappointed that rehearsal was cancelled, we were also somewhat relieved, as rehearsals have become increasingly stressful due to lack of student interest and stage fright. At our rehearsal, Bliss and I had planned to review the revised cast list, and to conduct our first full read-through of The Tempest.

As of now we have only conducted a full read-through of Act IV, and have yet to read through Act V. As we only have one rehearsal left before the show, the students will pretty much be conducting a cold reading of the script the night of the show.

Next rehearsal, Bliss and I plan to review the revised cast list, conduct a full read-through of Acts IV and V, discuss blocking, and to review the different characters and the plot of The Tempest. Bliss and I will also be bringing props and costumes, and we will be incorporating the latter into the read through.

As the show approaches, I am nervous that very few students will attend/ go through with playing their roles during the show. However, the show must go on, and Bliss and I will do everything in our power to make do with whatever conditions present themselves the night of the show.