I’m considering today’s rehearsal our first official rehearsal. Although we went to HE two weeks ago, we only worked with 6 or 7 students and weren’t exactly prepared to introduce them to the play. However, this week I think we can start to dive into the plot of the play and some basic acting exercises. Although we’ve cut the play, I don’t think we should have the students work with the script on the first day. I think we can do a read-through next week and begin to block scenes then.

With all that being said, here is my outline for how we will run rehearsal today (10/22).

  • Introductions
    • Joe and I introduce ourselves, who we are, what we’re doing here.
    • Introduce the program. Explain that we’ll be putting on a play, when the final production will be, etc.
    • Have the students introduce themselves. (Name, what school they go to, maybe ask if they have ever been in a play or performance before)
  • The Tempest
    • Briefly explain who Shakespeare is. (The kids last time didn’t really know who Shakespeare is, but they were familiar with Romeo and Juliet, so this could be some helpful context.)
    • Explain the plot of the entire play (simply and quickly, so we don’t lose their attention and interest). Play up the magical aspects (wizard! fairies! spells! etc!).
    • Explain, in more detail, the plot of our particular acts (Acts 2 and 3)
      • Act 2, Scene 1: Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian, Gonzalo talking about their fate. Ariel puts Alonso and Gonzalo to sleep, while Antonio and Sebastian plot to kill Alonso and Gonzalo, who wake up right as Antonio and Sebastian are about to kill them with their swords.
      • Act 2, Scene 2: Trinculo hides from the storm under a tarp(?) with Caliban. Stephano finds them. Caliban gets drunk, declares himself the servant of Stephano.
      • Act 3, Scene 1: Ferdinand and Miranda getting engaged.
      • Act 3, Scene 2: Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano conspire to kill Prospero and take control of the island.
      • Act 3, Scene 3: Fairies bring in the feast to Gonzalo, Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian. Ariel appears and yells at them.
    • Run through the characters: Prospero, Miranda, Ferdinand, Trinculo, Stephano, Caliban, Ariel, Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian, Gonzalo
  • Acting!
    • Walk them through vocal and physical choices (American Shakespeare Center Basics)
      • Vocal choices
        • Pitch
        • Volume
        • Pace
      • Physical choices
        • Stance/posture
        • Pace/gait
        • Leading part of the body (head, heart, gut)
          • Head – smart, cunning
          • Heart – in love
          • Gut – active, angry

I don’t know how much of that we will get through, but it should fill the 1.25 hours we have to fill. If not, we can play some Zip Zap Zop or musical chairs.