First Practice Session

Today was our first practice with the OSHER participants. I feel as though I already knew some of them because as the point person for the group I had already been in communication with many of them. It was so exciting to get to meet the participants and talk with them about the project. For our first meeting, we did introductions, explained the project, talked about how the semester would look, and did a cold read of the play.

I was very impressed with how well everyone did when reading our section. We have two people who have done lots of preforming in our group which is a lot of fun! No one stumbled or had much trouble with the lines. During our first meeting, they had lots of questions. They wanted to know everything about the play and the project. They asked questions such as will we talk about our section in depth? When is the final performance? Can we invite guests?

I was happy that no one seemed too upset that we had to cut down the play. They were very understanding. As a group, they have decided to self cast. We left them with the homework of going over the play and thinking about what character they would like to play.

Overall, I am very excited to be working with the OSHER participants. It will be a semester filled with learning, laughs, and fun.