Jepson Shakespeare Project Act V Week Five

I can say without doubt that this was our most productive week at youth life in regards to the Jepson Shakesphere project despite the fact that we only had three of our students present. For whatever reason it just seemed like this week everyone wanted to learn and was very enthusiastic about the performance, something that we really had not seen in weeks past. In some scenes, we were even able to move past simply reading lines and introduce some basic acting in the play. Given this success, our rehearsal time this week was limited. We didn’t get started until 5:15pm because snack had ran over the hour before and we had to end early so that we could let the kids watch the cheerleading elective perform at 5:50pm. Even given these challenges, we still managed to get a lot done. Given this week’s success, look forward to next week’s rehearsal with great enthusiasm.