Act II: Preparing for Week One

Colby, Caroline and I will be meeting with Higher Achievement- Boushall for the first time Thursday the 29th. In anticipation for our meeting, this past week we have been focusing on cutting down our script. Our goal is to have the act between 10- 15 minutes.

In addition to getting our script finished we have started to brainstorm how we would like to approach our first meeting. In general we have decided we would like to introduce Shakespeare, see what the student know about him and give a brief history. We will also give the general plot of Twelfth Night and in particular discuss Act 2. We would also like to get a feel for what kind of parts the students are looking for. This will include whether they prefer more or less lines and if gender matters to them (our Act has many more male roles than female). We also plan on playing theater games with the kids. Our hope is to get them more comfortable with us and each others and to show them how fun acting can be. We will be discussing with a few of the groups that have already met their kids to see what games they played and how successful they were.